USB 3.0 Super-Speed?

It’s strange, often when I connect my FP2 to my Windows 7 PC, the status bar display this message:
As far as I know, FP2 has an USB 2.0 speed, right ?


Yes, according to the specs.

But the Snapdragon 801 of the Fairphone 2 would support USB 3.0, too, if the respective device had a port for that, so who knows what Windows or the USB Controller detect there :slight_smile: .

I have never seen this on my Windows 10 Pro.


I also get this on Windows 7 when plugged into USB 3.0 Port of the Computer… but there is no hope, Mirco USB 3.0 is a rather rare species


USB-C also uses USB 3.0 right? So you wouldn’t necessarily need a microUSB port, but a USB-C would do too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not necessarily. USB C is just how the connector looks like and not what can get transferred. Same as some USB A plugs have USB 2.0 and some 3.0. (and most phones with USB C are still USB 2.0)

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