Urgently looking for a FP3 bottom module - Germany

You might want to revive your own topic to find other FP3 owners in your town, maybe one is willing to at least give your battery a full charge (which can be done in one hour with the right charger). Or perhaps one might even have a spare backup battery. I know it wouldn’t last that long, but at least until you can get a few more errands done.

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That is a good idea! But I did move since I created that topic…

I’m going to try this one: https://www.mobilesupplies.nl/batterij-lader-extern-usb-universeel.html

Worth a shot at that price, I figure. I switched on the alert in the Fairphone shop for the bottom module and sent support a message I really need a new usb port. Now we wait.


If you find the time, let us know how that charger works. Might help others to know.
Regarding Groningen, I assume you live so far away now that I’d better remove the link in the Local Fairphoners Address Book, shouldn’t I?

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Not terribly far: Assen. Perhaps you can change it? :stuck_out_tongue: I will let you know if it works! It appears you can alter it fit any battery, but we’ll see.


So, a little update from my side. The charger doesn’t work, unfortunately. I was able for a while to charge my phone if I put it just right and didn’t touch it all, at about 20% in one night. It seems I can no longer do that either. I am in touch with Fairphone but judging from their responses so far, I highly doubt they will be able to help, even though I do still have my warranty.

I keep my phone shut off most of the day and switch it on whenever I have to, for example when making an online payment. At this rate I expect my phone to die anywhere between this weekend and one week from now. If Fairphone does not come with a solution before then, I’m afraid I will have to buy a new phone, something I’d really rather not do for a myriad of reasons. If it comes to that, I will not be buying the FP4, as this experience has really put me off. I understand Fairphone probably can’t help the issues they have with their stock, but as a not too demanding phone user, I was really expecting to use this phone for five years. It seems I’d be better off buying a slightly more expensive flagship phone. I managed to get a decent 4 years out of the Samsung S5…

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