Urgently looking for a FP3 bottom module - Germany

Requests like this recently increase (not just in the forum). Let’s not forget to at least mention the option of universal chargers.

If any of you feel like it, have a look at this one, at first sight it seems to be a plausible option as well: Ansmann Photocam Vario 1001-0019 Kamera-Ladegerät Will it reach the FP3 battery’s contacts?

P.S.: I wished there was the one forum guide for this, but the topics I found searching for “universal charger” all seemed to eventually come back to @AnotherElk’s suggestion (currently unavailable; I chose the first link because it provides at least one first-hand confirmation that it once worked).


Still available here … https://www.ebay.de/itm/401760527578


I too am in need of a bottom module (the Netherlands). I can no longer insert the usb-c cable into my phone properly. Since I can insert it into other devices, the problem really is my usb-c port. I am incredibly frustrated the bottom module is not available in the online store, because soon I’ll be out of battery… without a usb-c port my phone is useless. I bought a Fairphone exactly so I could hold on to my phone if it broke, but if I can’t replace this part, I’ll have to buy a new phone and I’ll be out hundreds of euros instead of 20? Argh!

Have you tried cleaning the USB port, very carefully. Maybe a shop can do it for you?

I don’t really have the opportunity to visit a shop right now. And the more I think about it, the more pressing the problem becomes… If I run out of battery, I won’t be able to make any online payments (e.g. to replace the faulty part or the phone) and I won’t be able to enter any public places without the corona pass required here. I cannot believe this part is not available. Can anyone advise me on an external battery charger that ships to the Netherlands? It seems to be my only option, albeit a somewhat shitty one.

You can go for a printed corona pass at corona check print

Yes, I thought of that. Do you realise you need a phone to log into your DigiD to get a printed one? I am still at 20% batter by the way, but the more I think about it, the more stressed I become. I cannot go to the gym tomorrow because I have no printer to print the bloody corona pass. In order to cancel the gym, I need my phone again! It’s a complete mess. And I am completely panicking and I cannot for the life of me find the external charger referred to somewhere around here apparently. I either get lost in all the forum posts or I am too panicked to read properly, and I just don’t know enough to just buy something like that.

Have you tried cleaning it?
Have you tried a #fairphoneangel ? Imagine it was another make of phone, you’d get to a shop or do without a phone.

As far as payments go do you not have access to a computer or a friend?
Temp you’d better put the phone in aeroplane mode and only connect via wifi or the network occasionally.

It’s not that I don’t want to go to a shop. I literally am not able to go to one for at least a week. Its not dirty, it’s obstructed somehow. And no, I cannot make online payments without my phone. If I make online payments on a computer, I need to confirm via a code that is texted to my phone. Dear people, I appreciate you’re trying to help, but my issues are not imaginary and I am not being overly dramatic here, these things all become impossible to me as soon as my phone dies. So yes, I have just downloaded the printable corona pass even though I cannot print it, and no, I really cannot order anything online as soon as my phone dies. The real question is why the hell is this part no available because it seems obvious to me that it’s pretty vital for the entire phone to work.

It does sound like debris which with a magnifying glass and a needle you may be able to remove.

It could be that you have bent some of the pins or the centre plug, but it could do with a good at.

You may have heard it’s happening to many products not enough chips for some cars and pc’s etc.

You can ask Fairphone what’s up, you can also ask them to do a repair, I think they have stock for that ~ but it will take a while :frowning:

I use my computer to log into the site with my username and password. No need for the phone there.

For future ref: I had a similar problem with my Samsung.

To avoid a similar situation currently tape over the USB port or use a thin piece of fabric inside the case to keep it clean.

I have now ordered a magnetic option from Syllucid who are in the process of making some cables and investing in the fair trade gold business. There are some magnetic cables already on the market that save stress on the USB port

Some websites that use DigiD require verification via the app or sms. I had to activate the sms service years ago for entering the DUO site and I cannot log on to the link you sent me without my phone now…

Anyway, it’s all moot. Without realising it, I have become incredibly dependent on my phone, to my own annoyance, and now I am in desperate need of a solution to keep my phone alive. Anyone who can advise me on an alternative way to charge my battery (shipping to the Netherlands) would be very welcome. Alternatively, advise on what to look out for when looking for a charger myself would also be most welcome.

You might want to revive your own topic to find other FP3 owners in your town, maybe one is willing to at least give your battery a full charge (which can be done in one hour with the right charger). Or perhaps one might even have a spare backup battery. I know it wouldn’t last that long, but at least until you can get a few more errands done.

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That is a good idea! But I did move since I created that topic…

I’m going to try this one: https://www.mobilesupplies.nl/batterij-lader-extern-usb-universeel.html

Worth a shot at that price, I figure. I switched on the alert in the Fairphone shop for the bottom module and sent support a message I really need a new usb port. Now we wait.


If you find the time, let us know how that charger works. Might help others to know.
Regarding Groningen, I assume you live so far away now that I’d better remove the link in the Local Fairphoners Address Book, shouldn’t I?

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Not terribly far: Assen. Perhaps you can change it? :stuck_out_tongue: I will let you know if it works! It appears you can alter it fit any battery, but we’ll see.


So, a little update from my side. The charger doesn’t work, unfortunately. I was able for a while to charge my phone if I put it just right and didn’t touch it all, at about 20% in one night. It seems I can no longer do that either. I am in touch with Fairphone but judging from their responses so far, I highly doubt they will be able to help, even though I do still have my warranty.

I keep my phone shut off most of the day and switch it on whenever I have to, for example when making an online payment. At this rate I expect my phone to die anywhere between this weekend and one week from now. If Fairphone does not come with a solution before then, I’m afraid I will have to buy a new phone, something I’d really rather not do for a myriad of reasons. If it comes to that, I will not be buying the FP4, as this experience has really put me off. I understand Fairphone probably can’t help the issues they have with their stock, but as a not too demanding phone user, I was really expecting to use this phone for five years. It seems I’d be better off buying a slightly more expensive flagship phone. I managed to get a decent 4 years out of the Samsung S5…

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