Urgent problem - telephone app gone

hello forum!

i have a difficult problem…

this morning, i wanted to visit the play store. i always got there using the app-icon with the six squares which was shown above the app-icon for latest used and most used apps. because the phone got some updates in this moment, it didn’t react immediately when i touched the icon. i touched it several times and didn’t recognize that it turned into the delete-button. so i deleted the icon from the screen.

now i can’t find any way to reach apps and widgets. and becaues i didn’t place the telephone app on other places on the screen i can’t even telephone… i was used to start the telephone app by tapping on the most used app. by the way, now i can’t reach the playstore and the reset button next to the app-icon is missing too… the screen is completely empty.

i can reach the play store by the information about the updated apps, which was shown. maybe i can install the app again. but what is the name ofte the “latest/most used-app” and how can i open the telephone app for to get it into this app again?

i tried to reach the app by the settings-app, which is available. but the possibility to start the app from this dialoge “anwendung ausführen” (start the app) is shown in grey, you can’t start it by this button.

if anyone has an idea…
i’m german. i hope i could explain my problem in the correct way. if you are german, you could answer in german, because i would better understand the tec talk.

i have the fairphone 2.

many greetings, yvonne

Is it possible to get a picture of your home screen?

i think, you meant this empty one? the other four screen were like before, containing their folders with apps.

Yup, just wanted to make sure what the issue was.

Can you hold down the blank screen and see what happens?

Did you uncheck “ignore Privacy Impact”? (you might search for it in the forum)

Edit: As the problem is not related to FP2, but FP1, 2nd edition, please ignore this post.

hold down the blank screen (touching it a longer time?): i can change the the foto (wallpaper).

i don’t know. i have to look for that.
unfortunatley i have to leave now for work, but of course i will check the forum as soon as possible…

somebody called me - with incoming calls the app is working…

greetinx, ¥

I think what you did was to delete the “My Apps” widget from the screen/panel. This is easy to restore. Long-tap an empty screen, click on the widgets icon on the bottom once it appears, the browse through the qidgets until you find one called “My Apps”. Add it to the screen and you will have this functionality back. On top of that, you can always access all your apps and place shortcuts on individual screens by swiping right to left to bring up the apps menu. rom there select all apps to either start individual apps or place shortcuts onto any panel / screen…

long-tapping at the screen just shows the opportunity to select a foto for to change the wallpaper.

Oh damn, just noticed your question is related to the FP1. Sorry, my advice was for the FP2. But I’m quite sure, that the procedure should be roughly the same. Check if you can find an option to add widgets to your home screens, then browse them for a widget that looks like the “most used apps” thingy. That should still solve your problem I think. And also if I remember correctly, the menu to access all apps can be accessed by swiping right to left as well on the FP1. Or am I mistaken here?


oh, sorry, it is really fp1, but from the second purchase.
i really forgot this swiping option, because i never used it. that was very helpful, thank you very much. Telephone is back! :slight_smile:
i didn’t find the widget with the last apps, but that is the least problem. and i won’t be able to reset the phone, because this button is still missing. i hope that will never be important :wink:
greetings, ¥

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finally i found the widget. all problems solved. thank you very much for your immediate support!!

best greetings, ¥