Urban Mining Workshop


Also guides in different languages would be nice. I’m quite good at understanding english but I can’t do anything with the english names of elements and metals (copper, tin, tantalum).


@danielsjohan thanks for your feedback and it’s great to hear you want to try organising the workshop!

Basically, the more tools you will have, the better. Phones are different so you would need diverse screwdrivers etc.

We have compiled the pictures used in the manuals in our Flickr album - you could use them to make slides.


@paulakreuzer thanks for this! English manual is the first step :wink:


@Daria_Fairphone Hey! I couldn’t find the Urban Mining Manual on my computer anymore so I tried to download it again, which led to an error saying “This e-mail is already subscribed to the list.”

I don’t really understand why people should not be able to download the manual again, but anyways, is there a way to get it a second time?

Edit: The direct download link is the following:


It’s kind of frustrating that the FP community has to face such obstacles in downloading a file like this. Isn’t it intended to use and share?


Hi @Stefan,

I am sorry for this. Thanks a lot for your feedback, I totally agree that our community should be able to download the manual as many times as they need - indeed the main goal is that people use it and share. We’ll try our best to provide this opportunity - we need to find a way around the authentication process that denies a double subscription to ‘protect’ us to not receive tons of invalid double emails.


Thank you for looking into it! :sunny:

Maybe these authentication tools that view an image and you have to type what you see, will do.


Hey! My two opinions about the manual:

  1. We need translations to other languages than English.
  2. The information in the Leader’s Guide should be more compact.

Maybe it is my fault because I did not spend much time in getting comfortable with the Leader’s Guide. During the 2nd Community Meetup in Vienna I focussed more on the general message of Fairphone and when detailed questions about the materials used in specific internal components of mobile phones arose, I couldn’t answer them.

On the other hand the Urban Mining Manual probably is not a technical guide, but another instrument to raise awareness about problems in the production of mobile phones. Either way, do you think, you could offer a short summary/fact sheet of the Leader’s Guide (for a quick overview)?


Hey! Thanks for your feedback Stefan!

I totally agree with the first point and it’s been on our list to make the manual available in different languages.

Thanks also for your second point, noted! We’ve provided quite extensive information in the Leader’s Guide on purpose. It doesn’t mean that any workshop leader has to know all that information (it also depends on the group level) but, in case they choose to, they have this information at hand.

Again, it’s really great that you’ve done it! Amazing to see it spreading. A couple of weeks ago there was an Urban Mining Workshop in Helsinki, Finland, where they took apart quite a few Nokias :wink: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderhelm/sets/72157652173054854



I’m also going to host a workshop at the office in October. Does anyone who has done the workshop give advise on which tools you certainly (don’t) need?
In the guide, the following is mentioned:

Varying sized screwdrivers
Old phones aren’t designed to be opened. So prepare yourself with big and small screwdrivers.
Metal spudgers
You’ll need something strong and flat for leverage.
To pick those tiny components off the circuit board.

Which screwdrivers do we need for sure? And is iFixit the only/best place for spudgers (and tweezers)?



You’ll need a torx screwdriver and lots of little jars.


Thanks for the advise! Let’s see where I can find such screwdriver… I don’t have one yet! :smile:


@danielsjohan I bought one for about 7€ in a construction market (“Baumarkt”). You might also need a Phillips screwdriver, same as you’d need for opening up a Fairphone. Plectrums are also good to have! Great to hear you’re hosting an Urban Mining Workshop! :slight_smile: Share some pictures afterwards! :smile:

Great pictures! I like the idea of paper as a tablecloth, so you can write upon. We will use some the next time we do an Urban Mining Workshop. :slight_smile:



@Daria_Fairphone, I guess this does not exist yet? I’m hosting a workshop next week at the office again, I guess I will just use the miners guise as presentation again. Using the pictures in the Flickr album also means copy/pasting all text to slides, which will just be more work at the end :slight_smile:



Seems, this topic is outdated (being from 2015).

  • The library page by now is the press-page and
  • The manual link nowadays takes you to “Our goals

Therefore I doubt that you will find new stuff.


The urban mjning manual can now be found on this site.


Thanks for that.
Maybe the links in the first puostings could be fixed by a mod?


I’ve quickly made up a powerpoint presentation, based on the miner’s guide, the Flickr page and some other information I found. If anyone is interested, feel free to use/adapt it!
Since it’s a workshop for my job, I used our own presentation template. So I guess you’ll want to change at least that much :slight_smile:


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