Uploading songs is very slow. Usually at least an hour

FP 4


I’ve tried 2 different music players but the problem was the same in both. I’m currently using Omnia.

Here’s what I do -
I connect my phone to the desktop and, on the phone, select ‘file transfer’. On my desktop, I open the FP folder in Windows File Explorer and drag a WAV file to the correct FP folder. Still in File Explorer, I click that folder to check the song is (theoretically) there. It always is. But when I go to the phone and check the folder that way it never is. And it usually takes at least an hour to turn up.

Can anybody help please?

Did you try to clean the cache (and data) of your file explorer app?
Did you try with an alternative one as e.g. total commander app?


Sorted! Thanks Volker


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