Upgrading from *official* 14.1 to 15.1 (feedback/issues)

I know I’m OT but why there are so many problems related to the new camera module?

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Thanks, worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue with regards to disconnects. On FP2, Bluetooth also says it is disabled when it is enabled. I use P2 and only have 1 device registered, but P2 is the only Pebble which only has BLE. On Gadgetbridge, IIRC there were 2 Bluetooth addresses with the P1 Classic (and should be with all non-P2).

I seem to have severe battery use ever since 20 august manual update but I am not sure what’s causing it. I hope up today and found my device was rebooting while it was on USB charge, meaning it was heavily discharged. Anyone also experiencing this?

You could investigate via GSam Battery Monitor for example, that App helped me discovering that WaveUp is draining my battery because of wakelocks (too sad… even with 15.1 I cannot use it).

Could it be linked to the absurd battery percentage used by Mobile Network standby as experienced by other FP2 users (which also affects other phones)?

Thanks for the suggestion. The device was extremely hot as well. I do have bad mobile reception in-house, but I had data usage off (since I was at home, I did have WiFi on but the device was 5 meters from the AP in pretty much a direct line so good 5 GHz reception). Bluetooth-wise perhaps it was in trouble given my smartwatch was on me in our bedroom. I did not see such absurdity when I checked the battery usage roundup (since yesterday morning my device was at 63% or so when I took it out, and it appeared to go down by 2% every few minutes until it reached 25% and the battery saver kicked in; so it appeared the battery saver saved me there but this even occurred whilst I was on the move and whilst I was gaining better reception). When I noticed it yesterday I had a powerbank w/me, but this morning I was too late since the device was already empty.

At lunch I’ll have a look with some other applications than Android’s stock battery analysis app (which appears quite useless to me the times I’ve used it).

I think i also see this with this version. Cpu clocks higher on average, and idle usage seems to be higher, too…

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Hi. I too downloaded the first nightly (20180820) and was refused installing.

I was told tapping OK would restart the device in recovery mode for executing the update, but it didn’t.
There was a hint to the extent that the operation required a «compatible recovery system», otherwise the update would have to be installed manually. Now I don’t know how to make sure my recovery system is compatible and if it wasn’t how to make it compatible… What does this all mean (in non-machine-English or non-machine-German)?

How would I have to proceed? I tried rebooting into TWRP (power+vol-up for 10sec) but the FP2 only decided to reboot into LOS15.1.

Thanks for your help!

To follow up on it, given I’m at home, I get 99,2% of the time a “moderate signal” according to BBS. The other 0,8% is only better than that. I never had “poor signal”.

When I fired up my device it was smoking hot, on full 2,27 GHz for 4,5 minutes and updating apps on Aurora/F-Droid. I lost about 5-7% of my battery during that time.

Seems I need more data tho.

I didn’t see reboots so far, but battery life is worse than before, was 3 days on 14.1, and now about 2,5 days.

You have to hold the vol-up button as long as the phone is rebooting, until you see the TWRP screen.
Then you can install the lineage ZIP file that resides in /data/lineageos_updates

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After a fresh start the device is really busy, among others with the media scanner. I guess a realistic image is only possible after 20m or so.
I already stated in some pay that i have the impression the cpu clocks higher, as the phone gets noticably warmer to the grip than before. Also, watching idle drain I’m at 2%/h instead of around 1

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Concerning battery life (interval between 2 loading cycles) i read many different topics.
Some users report longer and some a shorter interval.
Personally i think the interval is longer with 15.1. E.g. today i used 15.1. with my navigation app for bicycles and I found it was a great positive difference. With 14.1 my phone became always very warm during navigation and battery was drained after max 2 - 3 hours. With 15.1 phone remains in normal temperature and consumption of power is about 30 % - 40 % which is comparable with a phone of another supplier I had before. Also without navigation life time seems, from my subjective point of view, better.
I think it is very difficult to get a correct measurement because the personal behaviour using the phone is different every day. But apps like battery bot give at least an idea of power consumption.
Therefore, it would be of interest if some users have measurements between 14.1. and 15.1.

Thanks a lot, Ingo!
Holding the vol-up button until TWRP is appearing, THAT was what I never had grasped.
Thanks also for the location of the update-ZIP.

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was there too many bugs at the beginning of the release of Lineage OS 14.1?


I’ve just changed to Lineage 15.1 + picogapps from FPOS mostly in the hope of increasing battery life. Previously the battery was flat in early evening. The first few days there didn’t seem to be much improvement (I wondered if it was busy restoring previous data etc) but for the past 2-3 days battery is still showing 50% at bed time. It makes an enormous difference to how I feel about the phone. A phone that doesn’t last all day is of limited value in my opinion.


I have a problem with latest build (20/08/18) of lineage OS 15.1 with TWRP 3.2.3. In few words, normal call with 2G a.k.a. GSM network does not work. If I make a call after that I press the call button, the display switch off and I can hear the voice, but the other side cannot listen me. The same thing happens in the opposite scenario i.e. when I receive a call.
By using telegram, signal o wire there are not any problems.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you

as a follow up: i did a clean reinstall, including wiping data, as before i restored from a corrupt backup. Maybe this was causing effects. Now the phone stays cooler, and battery lasts longer again. idle drain still it’s a bit high, 1.4%/h, seemingly mostly caused by system. let’s see…

Hello everybody,

I updated to 15.1. and everything seems to be working great so far, except for:
Davdroid Sync.
I noticed that my calendar won’t sync anymore (no error message, just nothing happening)
So I reinstalled Davdroid (also tried earlier versions) and now my contacts and calendar apps can’t find my davdroid account anymore, so all entries are basically gone.
The davdroid account appears in the system accounts list, but the apps can’t find it / can’t connect. Davdroid itself seems to be working fine.
Any ideas?