Upgrading from FP1 to FP2

Hi all. I’m a proud owner of the original FP1 , and although I do love it to pieces it is getting increasingly slower and more difficult to use. Nothing major has broken (a couple of things did break but in each case I sent it off to be fixed) but I’m now thinking about upgrading to the FP2. I have a few questions I was hoping the community (you guys!) could help me with.

1- how much of a step up is the FP2 from the FP1? Will I see a massive difference in performance? Are issues like the GPS problems with the FP1 fixed? How does it compare with other similar (non-fair) options?

2- What should I do with my beloved FP1? I looked at the recycling programme which looked interesting, is that the best thing to do? Should I just put it on ebay? Any idea what value a first edition FP1 has?

Apologies if this is a duplicated thread, but I couldn’t find anything which answered my questions. Feel free to point me towards one that does!

Thanks all in advance, David

Tbh if your FP1 still works quite well I would wait a bit before buying the FP2. There are quite a few bugs & issues that will hopefully be fixed soonish, but I’d wait a while. Not because I don’t believe they will be fixed, but simply because you might get an FP2 witch many of the issues and find that it’s not any improvement to the FP1.

Aside from these issues I think it’s safe to say that the FP2 is a big step better than the FP1, GPS is super fast and stable, performance & battery life is great and it’s in general a very cool phone (especially with a transparent cover).
I can’t say anything about comparison to other current phones.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll play around with settings, and maybe reset the phone to see if that improves performance while I’m waiting for the fixes!

Is this the first run of FP2s?

Unlike the FP1 the FP2 is not produced in batches but continuously if that’s what you mean. But it’s the first OS version. The first update that should fix some of the issues is currently being tested.

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Ah I see. Do we know when the next OS update will be?

Does anyone have any further updates on this? I’m relooking at it again as my FP1 is getting very sloooow, but is it worth e.g. doing a hard reset and clearing out some stuff rather than upgrading?

David, can you elaborate what you mean (in your original post) by “more difficult to use”? Just a wild guess from me: Have you got an FP1 (first edition) without a unified partition? (I mean: Does your FP still have a “phone storage” AND an “internal storage”?)

Either way, I definitely think trying a hard reset and clearing out some stuff can help a lot. But should you still have that split partition (as described in my bracket) the storage upgrade (that merges both partitions) can work miracles! :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the quick response!

Issues include:

  • turning the screen on using the power button occasionally doesn’t work, so have to try 10-15 times until I can use the phone again
  • typing is often quite slow, and it takes a while for the display to catch up with the keypad touches
  • Opening an app or switching between apps can take 15-30s
  • home/back/switch button presses sometimes don’t do anything or take 15s+ to register
  • connecting via bluetooth can take a very long time, and often I can’t turn bluetooth on until I restart the phone

etc etc. My fiance refuses to use my phone as it’s too slow in her mind (she has a iphone 6s so I don’t think that’s too fair :wink: )

I definitely remember setting up the unified partition, because I couldn’t install many apps until I did! How would I tell this is still the case? I can’t see anything until settings/storage that definitively demonstrates it. I just have internal storage of 13.37GB: I assume that means I do have the unified partition?

Yes, seems like the storage upgrade has definitely been installed, so sorry, no help through that alley with your problems :neutral_face:

Oh well, how much of the storage is actually used and how much of it is still free?