Upgrade to Android 10 lead to battery and media handling issues

After updating my Fairphone 2 to Android 10 (Fairphone Open 22.02.0-rel.0) I got multiple issues:

  1. The battery is draining very quick. I am talking about a maximum of 2 hours of use. With Android 9 this was not the case and I could use the phone almost a full day. Sometimes the battery percentage resembles more of a countdown… Also fully charging the phone takes more than 8 hours.
  2. I can’t save pictures. It seems like the Media Storage service is not working. This affects screenshots and all apps which can save pictures (camera apps, messaging apps which want to save in gallery). I haven’t tried if it affects other filetypes than images but I suppose so.

Does anyone have the same issues or could help out? Thanks!

Are you using an SD card? If yes, please make a screenshot (hold POWER + VOLUME DOWN) of Settings > Storage or check if it is set up as “Portable Storage” (on the same screen). If it’s not set up as portable storage, but listed right below the internal shared storage, this might cause your saving issues.


This may be related. So media storage process might run crazy and suck all power from the battery using high CPU load.

So I think something went wrong during the update.

You might try to analyse further using adb logging or check processes on CPU using adb shell top, clear data and cache of media service or do a factory reset.


I think I had something similar when I upgraded to A9. I took out the SD card and used a spare battery for a week, then back to the regular battery and everything was fine.

Thank you all for your help. I set my SD card as “Portable Storage” which solved both issues just like Volker assumed.


Hi all,
I think the problems with the battery are related to the connection design. I think the battery is easily dislodged. When it’s upside down and vibrating, it’s more easily dislodged. Lately I have the FP2 upside down when I’m not using it, and I have far fewer problems with the battery. It may also be that something has been changed in the latest updates.

Put a little piece of paper at the bottom of the battery so the battery can’t move.


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