Updating to android 7but still android 6 on fp2

Yesterday I got a new update for Android 7, after downloading and restarting, I checked the system.
It still says android version 6.0.1
What goes wrong???

Sounds like update fails. I think you should have a look at the messages appearing after restart (while probably being in recovery for the update).


after restarting the download I get automatically in teamwin, but what do I choose then?
Do I have to do something with teamwin before even starting the new update of android.
Something like making a recovery file? I just restart the system with teamWin, but I suppose there has to be recovered some data before restarting???

The automatic OTA) update will probably only work with Fairphone default recovery installed.
So I think you have to do a manual installation.

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Thank you.
Is there somewhere a instruction how to do a manual installation.
Or can I install the default recovery?


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