Updating Lineage os

I have successfully installed Lineage OS with Gapps and superuser.
Using this guide https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/FP2/install

Now there is a new Update (dates 23.01.2018).

How do I update the OS? Is it save to do it with the build in Updater?
Without loosing the apps?

Does it work like the Fairphone OS updates?

Thank’s for advice.

Yes, OTA updates work flawlessly. Backups are of course always recommended, but to be honest I haven’t done one in a long time.

I don’t believe OpenGAPPS changes that.

… with a current version of TWRP, not with the old version that currently comes with Fairphone Open OS.
Just to be sure :wink: .
But in case of doubt you can always install the updates manually in TWRP, even with the older TWRP.

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Thank you. Update worked.

Yeah but literally the first step in the LOS install guide linked above is to install a custom recovery and links to the latest version of TWRP.


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And I very much applaud that.
And I very much applaud everybody practically doing what guides are literally saying.
I’m just cautious :wink: .

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