Updates only available with specific SIM

I live in Egypt. My phone has a SIM from a provider “We” but it has a number transferred from “Vodafone” with the 010 Vodafone prefix here.
The same thing happens with a SIM from Etisalat which also has another prefix other than the default 011 here.
The phone never detects updates while these SIMs are in place.
When I insert a SIM from Orange witch has an Orange number it detects the updates instantly.
This was the case with the update to Android 11 and the security patch released after it.
Can anyone provide any insight to why this happens?
Thanks for your time.


Updates are sent via the network operator and clearly your operator isn’t included, which is unsurprising as Fairphone only support a limited number that are based in the EU and 'surrounds.

You can of course update manually

What OS version do you currently have?

Link to downloads:

Caveat on network availability ~ even some in the EU never get them when they are virtual carriers etc.

Manual installation: Likely to wipe all data so make backs if you can


We is a virtual provider. That would be the issue.
All the time it was on Vodafone with a Vodafone number it would get the updates normally.
What I am surprised of is that even when I check for updates on wi-fi when the We SIM is inserted it says there are no updates.
When I insert the Orange SIM it prompts for the update upon start.

Yes it’s the SIM that recognises the update. Wi-Fi doesn’t connect to the carrier unless you use Wi-Fi calling etc. which has to go via the carrier.

I have no network but only use Wi-Fi via EE in the UK and that is fine

Just to make the point clearer see this post form a USA based topic