Update to 2020062560240 for /e/

Today I got a notice that I could update my os /e/ on my Fairphone 3 to 2020062560240.
It went smoothly.


After running this update WiFi hotspot seem to have stopped working for me. Option is there, on the FP3 everything looks correct, but no other device can see a network popping up. It just isnt there ! Anyone else tested this with the new version?

I can confirm this.
My Fairphone 2 doesn’t see the Fairphone 3 Hotspot. The other way around it works, the Fairphone 3 sees the Fairphone 2 Hotspot.

Now it takes one month to the next OTA.

No, why? This one came <2 weeks after the last one.

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To my knowledge this was an exception, monthly updates are planned.

Do you have a resource for that information?

Nothing really resilient. Only fragments from the forum. I hope it’s faster.

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Just receiving the next update: 0.9-20200701161107 :wink:


Boah and again all apps are shuffled after the update. Really thinking about installing an other launcher :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

On my Fairphone 3 on /e/ after the update I see a much better wifi performance. Before updating the wifi wasn’t steady, but dropping the whole time.
And Osmand is suddenly talking Dutch.
So I am very glad with this update.

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