Update Problem (was: can't reset my FP - backup problem?)

Dear all,

I think I made a stupid mistake.
I deleted the app store after doing a FP system update.
I read the forum and wanted to do a back up and relaunch.

But I think I didn’t do the backup approapriatly? I used the app and made a backup from app and data.
Then I switched down the phone and restarted it by pushing the power button and the volume up-button at the same time. Now I have the lying robot on my screen, but in the instructions I see that I needed a zipp-file?

I can’t do anything now, it seems, so hope you can help…

Dear Sandra,

you do probably not need to reset your Fairphone. You can use the Fairphone Updater in Advanced Mode to reinstall the Google Apps.

You are currently in the Recovery mode, use this support article to navigate to the “reboot option”: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201149588-How-to-boot-my-phone-in-Recovery-Mode

Then, open the Fairphone Updater App and choose Advanced mode -> App Stores and select the Google Store and follow the instructions on the screens. Good Luck!

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Dear Ben,

Thank you for your help!

I did the “Reboot Option” (pfiew, that was easy, thanks!) and now I opened the Updater App.
But I don’t see a Advanced Mode? Only the two options “Cancel” and “Install”.

Hope you can help! :~)

Can you tell me what version of Fairphone OS you have installed?

This is how it looks for me (It doesn’t look that way, but the colored text reading App Stores for example are acutally buttons):

Fairphone Updater

Advanced Mode

App Stores

Google Apps

Install Google Apps

I have no idea which version (I’m trying to find out, where I can find it).
But it looks very different (sorry, it is in Dutch):

Maybe I have to Install first, in this screen?

In the text, under the FP-logo, it says: “Version-information:” and there it is blanc, so no information about version information.

Kind regards!

Quite possible!

i find it mildly irritating it is not at all telling you what this is going to install. It’s probably the update for the Fairphone installer. This is a recommended update.

Here is how you find out what version of the installer you have: Go to settings -> Apps -> Choose the “All” Tap -> Scroll to Fairphone Updater and tap. The most recent version is 27 as far as i know)

Do you have a backup of your important data?

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Thank you again, Ben :~)

I have a backup of my important data, so that should be ok (I hope… I’m used to Apple but want FP, but I really have to get used to it).

The version is 2.0 so I think I’m a little behind?

I will do an update now, to see what happens.

Ok, good luck! Come back here if anything goes wrong.

Hmmmm… it doesn’t change anything. It seems to update, but when I check it is still 2.0 and still the same screen.

And it keeps saying (with the symbol on top of the phone screen) there is a new update available.

Maybe I have to install Koala manually?

OT: Yay, a :Koala! :koala:How nice! Much more cuddly than a nut. :chestnut:

On topic: I don’t think you would have to do that, but we should be able to find out more about this.

First, did you change the partition layout of your FP manually? That is causing some people a lot of trouble? (If not, did you use the Storage Update to unify partitions?)

Second, are you on WiFi when trying to install the update? (If not: you should be, otherwise it won’t work.)

Just as a precaution:

Just fort the record, the pre-installed “Backup and Restore” app on your Fairphone does not back up all data from your phone. For example, the contents of the “Notebook” app is not backed up, as far as I know. I thus would recommend to use an additional backup solution.

Ah, it’s Kola :slight_smile: I’ve been reading Koala the whole time, probably because I think it’s such a nice animal.
But Kola Nut, I mean… :wink:

I don’t think I changed the partition layout manually, because I don’t have a clou what that means…
And Storage Update is also an unfamiliar term for me… (I feel a bit stupid, now).

I DO now that I’m on WiFi and I think the backup is not such a problem?
I don’t us so many data. E-mail and calendar are synced with Google, Music is also on my laptop, so I think ony my photo’s are important.
But thank you for the warning, I will make an extra backup just to be sure.

Thank you, Humorkritik and Ben!

Is this possible an issue here?

You have to allow superuser access when updateting the updater.

Do you have a FP1U or a FP1?

I checked, but that’s not the issue. Fairphone Updater and Fairphone OS are allowede Superuser.

I thought I have a FP1U (it’s from last summer), but the information on the phone says: FP1.

That is alright, check Settings -> Storage. There should be 13GB data plus microSD (if you have one).

So, how would you like to proceed? You can try to reinstall Google Apps using the Widget, as described here: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201295267-How-to-reinstall-the-app-store.

Or you take to chance to upgrade to 1.8.5 manually following this guide: https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202478028-Manually-install-Fairphone-OS-software-update-version-Kola-Nut-1-8-5.

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I have 13 GB data, does that mean I have a FP1? :~)

And reinstalling the Google Apps Widget is not an option, because the widget is gone, because I accidently deleted it.

So I think installing manually Kola (Koala :~) ) Nut should be the next step, but I have to wait untill I have enough time (work and a toddler :wink: ) to do that with concentration and attention. Maybe during lunch today. Hopefully it will work out.

That means you have one unified storage, so please choose this on the download page: FP1U - Mid-2014 (2nd batch) & FP1 with unified storage. Please remember you an micro SD card in your phone for the update and you need to put the file on the sd card, not the phone storage. When you connect your phone to the PC, you should see both.

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Thank you so much for the support, Ben! :~)

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