Update of 13 Feb

Since yesterday’s update, I cannot connect to wifi (have tried forgetting and re-entering password), and I no longer have any ‘peek’ or pull down menu. Thanks for advice.

I also cannot go through the online support form because I no longer have a record of my online shop order number which is a required field.

There was no public update yesterday.
Are you in the beta program? If so this should be moved to the #participate:beta forum category. What version are you on (what does it say in the updater app)?

If you log in on shop.fairphone.com you should be able to view your past orders with all important info.

Just a guess: Have you been on Android 6 so far? I have read from another Fairphoner who had stayed or downgraded to Android 6 so far and was offered the upgrade to Android 7 (18.09.2) yesterday.

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Indeed. I also got the upgrade notification one or two days ago. The updater had kept silent for many weeks so I thought first it was a new version, but then I saw the release number 18.09… and I stayed on my decision to keep Android 6 for the moment.

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Thank you all, yes I think I must have been on Android 6 and didn’t realise I was being offered Android 7 with the same OS (18.09.2).

Let that be a lesson to me …

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Still, you shouldn’t be having so many problems after the upgrade. Android 7 still has a pull-down menu, it is just redesigned. If you don’t see it, this suggests something went wrong during the upgrade.

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