Update irritations

lately I have been irritated by some findings. Maybe someone could help me by clarifying things.

a) Firefox Klar is heavily outdated on F-Droid (6.1.1 vs. 8.0.7 in the Play store)
b) I was told that Klar would be part of the pending (haven’t commited yet) upgrade to Nougat. But what version comes with Nougat? Several new Klar versions came out since the Nougat upgrade was made available…
c) Yalp tells me it has an upgrade for Fairphone Updater (1.39.9 vs. 1.39.15)
Why is that not offered on F-Droid? Is this genuine? I hesitate to install this via Yalp, because keys are diferent. Open Source apps upgraded through Yalp cannot be easily upgraded through F-Droid afterwards…
d) There is an upgrade for the F-Droid rights privilege extension (0,2,7 vs 0,2,9), but how can I install this? It throws an error, that it was created with a newer key, I should deinstall it first. That seems to be impossible?
e) Rather unimportant, because I have Vanilla music: Same issue with the stock music player (6.0.1 vs 6.0.1_r63)
f) Does anyone know how to handle split APKs on Yalp? E.g. Komoot. Yalp tells me to use privilged mode or root mode, Both are unavailable (FP Open OS)?


Hello @hman,

I am not sure if I understand your questions correctly. I don’t have experiences with Yalp, but I use Fairphone Open OS with F-Droid. And you are right, FF Klar ist outdated. Therefor I switched to Fennec, because the current version of Fennec is 65.0 in F-Droid. Maybe you can switch to Fennec, too?

You can install the F-Droid Privileged Extension with F-Droid. Search for “Privileged Extension” and you should see Ver. 2090. But F-Droid must have root privileges to install this extension. If you don’t have root privileges (FP Open OS) stay with the current version 0.2.7


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