Update Fairphone OS automatically, isn't it possible?

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I have a question related how I can update my fairphone OS. Is it necessary to use TeamWin Recovery Project Software? When I go to Update App, and I download the new package and restart, the phone opens automatically this software and I do not know that I have to make to finish the update.
I’ve looked for in the forum, but I’m only find posts related how update OS manually. Isn’t it possible to do it automatically? Thanks in advance.

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If all goes right, the phone should just return automatically to Fairphone OS after completing the update in TWRP. However, with today’s update, TWRP will be removed and replaced by the AOSP recovery anyway. So future updates will not use and display the “extra route” through TWRP anymore.


Like @urs_lesse says this normally shouldn’t happen, but when it happens …

A little more detail in between …

Thank you for your answer. I’ve tried to install but I’ve got an error, as you can see in the image. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Error 7 is kind of notorious and persistent …


Sorry, but this looks like you really need to install manually.
If you want to get rid of that, I would suggest an install from scratch …

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