Update does not work

When I try to install Kola nut, I click ‘install’ in Fairphone updater and am taken straight to an Android 'Installing System update …" holding screen. After a while the phone restarts but the update hasn’t happened. I’ve tried it several times now and each time the phone switches itself off. Anyone know what’s wrong? Do I need to update manually? Thanks.

I dont’t know specifically what’s wrong in your case, but FP is working on fixes. I’d wait for those and not install manually, unless you don’t want Google Apps

Ok thanks. I’ve been following some other threads and lost track of whether various bugs are fixed yet … when I try to update it is still doing the same as decribed above. I am very untechnical so some headline news when it’s safe for luddites like me to update would be welcome. Having some probs with my keyboard as well which may be related, from what I’ve seen elsewhere.

This is the fix we have been waiting for.
To make sure it’s really safe to update you might want to wait a while to see if people are still having problems.
Anyway - since you can never be 100% certain that nothing bad will happen - you should make a thorough backup first.
Your problem with the update not continuing after the restart might be solved by plugging your phone in and ticking the “keep screen on” box in settings > “developer options”.

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