Update destruction

After this evenings update I have lost a whole page of apps and folders. What the hell is going on???

Hello and welcome to the forum. Do you mind explaining what happened in a bit more detail? Do you mean on the homescreen? Or did the apps completely disappear from the phone?

Do you use an SD card? If yes, have you installed apps on the SD card?

Check Settings > Apps & Notifications to find out if the apps are still there.

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The apps and shortcuts have gone from the phone. I have just had to re install Facebook for instance and the groups I belong to no longer recognize me.

And how should this be related to a firmware update?

I’m asking you that question. After the update the SD card was showing “Ejected” I’ve now remounted it and have at least got my photos back.

Did you by any chance format the SD card as internal storage? :thinking:
There have been a lot of problems related to SD as internal storage in the past. If you use(d) it, I would strongly recommend switching to external storage.
Here’s some more information on that matter:

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Hi. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I can’t remember how I formatted the card. I’ll try another one and make sure I format it as external.


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