Update behaves strangely

I received FP2 two days ago and am complete newbie in Android and phones in general. Something I do not get about OS, the advanced mode proposes an update from Onion 1.0 and even download the new system (Fairphone FP2-GMS36 1.1.7), reboot, and nothing has changed, this I did twice. Now it announces that this version (GMS36 1.1.7) is outdated. So I wonder what’s up?

By the way if I remove GAPPS through rooting, which I intend sooner or latter since I like to be root on my system and do support open mode as much as possible, do I loose the support of FP or the warrant?

The current google apps do not suit me, for example I find it difficult to find as simple a thing as a contact address book that does not synchronize to google account. Some may find that trendy and convenient, I find that intrusive, or at least I want to decide what does what. And since I am new to Android (previous phones were just phones) I find it time consuming to search an app that would suit my taste.

You can be sure you are running the latest version, simply because there is no update yet. You can always check your current version number by going into Settings -> About phone -> Build number. After the first update this version number will also be displayed in Fairphone Updater, instead of Fairphone Onion 1.0.

You may have a look on the following threads:

https://forum.fairphone.com/t/pencil2-howto-root-with-superuser/12375?source_topic_id=13418 https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp2-add-local-contacts/11858?source_topic_id=13418
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Ok Marteen, thanks

Merci Merci :slight_smile:

Stephan’s will be very useful but all great links.

I’ll wait a friend who initiated me to Linux 20 years ago, he has years of advance on me with phones and Android. He told me it is done very quickly :slight_smile: