Update Aug 0129 Ambient light | Adaptive brightness

I let this post stand here in this topic for Fairphone to perhaps see and factor in, but I moved the ensuing discussion to Update 3.A.0129.20210805: Meta and side effect discussions, for those interested.


I must say that I’m really disappointed.

Many many users confirmed this problem, but after more than three weeks an unsatisfying “we are into it”-comment is all we got .

If we ask ourselves why many people still prefer cheap standard phones: here we may have a reason for it.


Definitely not the reason as most people don’t buy a Fairphone with these challenges :slight_smile:

Still nothing new about the ambient light problem? It’s rellay annoying.


Same issue with the Ambient Light Sensor since the Update 8901.3.A.0129.20210805.

The reading of the Ambient Light Sensor in the Service Menue goes to zero sometimes although it is bright enough to read Newspaper.
Regards Peter


I was riding my bike two days ago with the FP3 on the handlebars. In pure, bright sunshine, which should be the brightest the ambient light sensor could ever see, the brightness suddenly went to zero. I had to restart the phone as I had absolutely no chance to see anything on the screen.

So there is definitively something terribly wrong with the software handling the value from the sensor.


The changes made in regard to adaptive brightness will be reverted in the next update:

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Hi ! Just want to make sure we’ll automatically but informed when it’s fixed. Or do we have to be part of a list ? Thanks !

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The idea is that the fix will be rolled out automatically as an update via your provider, See the post above yours :slight_smile:

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This topic will close 6 months after the last reply.
Just to have it open until 2/04/2022…
I really liked the adaptive brightness feature as it was before so I’ll check for updates on a regular basis and keep on moving the slider from 0% to 50 or more. Maybe he is a slow learner…

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Just put it temporarily off, much better.

Thanks for the tip but no thanks.

I mean I did exactly that. The feature is completely useless for me as it is, since it too often goes as dark as possible. I rather fix it manually twice a day (evening and morning). YMMV but I believe its a good tip in general.

If I’m outdoors the ambient sensor seems fine as it rarely goes ‘dark’ but once I go inside it’s more of a problem, so then it’s off, best or worst of both worlds.

Who said you can’t eat all your cake and then throw it up. :slight_smile:

Just to say I am a little downhearted.

  • Six weeks since this issue was related to Fairphone
  • Two security updates later ( Sept & Oct )
  • Zero comfort from Fairphone

I would cry all over my phone but it’s not waterproof so I’ll just have to toughen up a bit more and for longer.


I also find that pretty unprofessional.
No bug fix for six weeks.



Thanks you all for sharing!

We are still waiting for a update? Or I missed something?

Have a nice day!!

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Welcome to the Fairphone community,
There is an announcement:


It works for me, at least it does right now. We’ll see if it’s a structural solution.

Just for others who are trying this: when you get to the Device Configuration app and tap Storage and cache, you only need to clear the app’s cache for this to work.

Which had me hapy, cause god knows what horror I would unleash if I erased all my device settings by pressing Clear Storage.

And as stated earlier, the screen brightness won’t change simply from this cache clearing, but from then on it will no longer go super dark when you are at a mild light level.

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Hey you all!!

Somebody have any update? The software update is for everybody at the same time? Or it depends from carrier/country?

They said that we will have an update early November, but my phone is not seeing new updates yet.