Update an FP1 1st edition on 1.6 with modified partition to newest version?


I have a Fairphone FP1. I am not sure what version I have but the Fairphone Update app is showing that I use 1.6 now. I modified the partition. I think I used the tool from this post to modify it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=49573621&postcount=330

I want to install the newest version and want to be able to use the Google apps on it. I read bout possible problems because of the modified partition. Do you know a secure way to achieve this? Perhaps I should use the partition once more to set the data storage back to 1 GB. Thanks a lot.

The problems should have been worked out and the OS upgrade to 1.8.5 should not make any troubles now. I suggest you install 1.8.5 and then the original Storage Upgrader provided in the Fairphone Updater app. :warning: This will erase all your data so be sure you have a backup.

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I have the same problem and slowly become desperate:
I can’t update my FP1 from Cherry 1.6 to Kola Nut 1.8.5.
I also modified the partition once.
First, I tried to update with the ‘Fairphone Updater’, I lost the ‘Play Store’ and am not able to get it back (When I try to use the ‘Google Apps Installer’, it tells me it is already installed and can be erased).
Then I tried to update manually, but none of the links from here (https://fairphone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202478028-Manually-install-Fairphone-OS-software-update-version-Kola-Nut-1-8-5) worked for me: the installation is always aborted.

Any ideas how I can update my FP1?
Or at least get my ‘Play Store’ back and stay with ‘Cherry’ (although with every restart my FP1 tells me, that I should update the system…)?


Let me say that what I am going to suggest is not the official way endorsed by FP support.

Over at the Facebook group “Fairphone-Freunde” (German language FP group) we have successfully helped many FP1 users who still had no unified storage to arrive at 1.8.5 using the old Storage Upgrade 1.6 first (backup before!) and then update the OS to Kola Nut 1.8.5. In fact we actually also helped many who were stuck on a broken 1.8 or 1.8.5 OS because they still had not successfully done the storage upgrade – for them arriving at 1.8.5 actually involves three steps: Downgrade to Cherry 1.6, storage upgrade 1.6, update to 1.8.5 (or wait for the upcoming 1.8.7).

We always suggest to do this manually, i.e. download the .zip files onto your SD card and then install them in Recovery Mode as described here.

I repeat this is not the official solution suggested by FP support and I do not mean to get myself or them into trouble about this.


Thanks a lot for your answers. I got in Recovery Mode, installed 1.6 Unified Storage Update and restarted. Then I went into Recovery Mode and installed 1.8.7 and wiped the cache. Then I restarted and installed the Google Apps. It worked well. And Titanium Backup helped to restore many things. Only some notifications don’t seem to work. Perhaps a reinstall of the apps will help. Thanks a lot for your support!


The thing with the notifications sounds like a missing connection to Google Cloud Messaging. To refresh the connection, download any app from the Play store.