Unwanted reboots after update to FP Open 16.08

After yesterday’s upgrade of FP Open (from 16.07 to 16.08), my FP2 occasionally randomly reboots without me doing anything (happend 3 times so for today).

For a couple of days now, I have a dual SIM configuration, so this might also be the reason for the issues, but I doubt that any automatic reboot occured before yesterday’s upgrade.

There are 3 possible reasons:

  • Something went wrong during the update. Often reinstalling solves issues like that.
  • Your phone always had the predisposition for random reboots, but the latest update brought it to light. Fairphone is constantly trying to make the OS more stable so fewer and fewer people get random reboots or crashes. But while applied changes often make it better for some people they can also make it worse for others.
  • It could be unrelated to the update. You could for example check whether the reboots also happen if you only use one SIM.
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Is your new second SIM set to 4G? My FP2 reboots quite often if I switch 4G on. When set to 3G/2G only, it behaves like it should.

Is your new second SIM set to 4G?

Yes, my new second (vodafone) SIM is set to 4G, the first (O2) one thus downgraded to 2G. Previously I only had the first (O2) SIM card with 4G, where I didn’t have any issues.

However these reboots actually all occured while I was also connected to the Wifi, so mobile data wasn’t active (at least that’s whath the indicators in the header show).

Well, my problem with 4G occurs as well when I’m connected to Wifi with mobile data switched off.
I know that it’s strange, but I can reproduce it…

Irina, until now I can confirm your hypothesis - I switched SIM 1 to 4G and SIM 2 back to 2G and didn’t have any reboots anymore. I’ll come back once I collected more data.


Well, even if I don’t have the reboot on my Open Os version, I think some people finding this thread might find this information relevant:


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