Unusual shutdown

Good morning, for a few days now when I have the battery at around 30% and I have the phone in my pocket it turns off by itself and I have to turn it back on, obviously I use its cover so that the power off button is impossible to press accidentally. Has this happened to you? Have you found a solution?

Some more details would be helpful.
Does this really only happen when the battery around 30%? If so, what exactly happens when you turn the phone on again? Can you use it for the expected amount of time before it reaches 0% or is it empty almost instantly?
If it was the power button, it should not be connected to the battery charge.
If it really happens only around 30% or below and the battery is pretty much empty after, I’d suspect a faulty battery. Have you checked if it’s bloated? You can try spinning it on a table. If it spins well, it’s likely bad.
If the battery itself is fine, it could be a bad contact due to a loosely fitting battery or bent/corroded contact pins. Have you checked how well it is seated inside the phone?

Yes, the phone restarts and is usable up to 0, the battery doesn’t seem swollen and there are no bent or corroded pins, so I can’t explain why it’s been doing this for a couple of days

Have you activated the AoD functionality (“Always On Display” that permanently shows time and notifications on your “off” screen)?

no, notifications are not displayed when the screen is off or with the screen locked

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I am not sure about the “under 30% battery” condition but I’ve had situations where my FP5 would just shut down (and not reboot) in my pocket.

Like, I’d take out my phone to take a photo, press the power button to unlock and the phone would start booting. It’s not possible that the power button was accidentally pressed in the pocket as I have the case as well and nothing else in my pocket.