Unstable Wifi connection

Thanks all

@MWilhelm: even if this is a solution, It can’t be THE solution, and I need the google apps.

And anyway, for me it’s worse:
I did a hard reset twice now, and after this there is still no connection to wifi, I can’t even see a network (which exist a lot, believe me).

When I use the Wifi switch (trying to to turn it on), it jumps back to ‘off’. And by the way the same with bluetooth…

Newest info on my case: I called the support and they confirmed that they will send a new phone because of hardware defect.

They had a lot of requests the last days, that’s why they didn’t answer yet the mail. But now very friendly and uncomplicated process!


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It’s nice to see that so many people are trying to help others, really lovely ! The support team is really busy at the moment, hence the delay in response-time. If you want to, I can flag up specific, common problems to see if we can get a faster response.


I had a constant grey wifi icon, with no internet connection available despite of a good signal strength.
The solution of changing the wifi router’s channel to a less crowded one worked perfectly for me :slight_smile:
By the way: Wifi Analyzer (useful to check the wifi channels used by all the surrounding wifi networks) is a great application.
Thank you Robin!

Same over here, happened ‘overnight’ (Fairphone1). Only gray bars appear, tried several routers (home, institute, friends). Restarted, the problem persists. Pitty, not the first HW-issue. Shall I send the FP to the customer service back again?

I would not at once assume a hardware issue. Also, can you explain your symptoms more? Do you get no internet connection at all (e.g. can’t you access any webpages in your browser)? Or is the wifi icon just grey and your Google account does not synchronize (in this case I’d search for “wifi stays grey” in the forum search.

Hi and thanks. I get no web pages, no mail. The loading stops within a few millimeters, i.e. doesn’t begin at all. I read thru this forum, and this part, where someone wrote about the hw-issue. Wouldn’t be the first FP’s one.

Ok. Now, have you tried the possible solutions posted above? Do any of them help?

Yes, went thru them… of no help, so far…

If nothing helped, I’d at least do a hard reset before sending the phone in for repairs. Fairphone Support would do that anyways, when they go for troubleshooting, I guess, so why not try it yourself. Be sure to make a backup first!

Thanks again, will get into it – backup (first) & hard reset (after) – asap and post the results here as well.

So, I went thru (1) backup & (2) hard reset, (3) restarted my Fairphone, yet the Wifi still doesn’t work…
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Okay, one other thing came to my mind. You could open up your Fairphone following the guide on iFixit.com and check the connection cables between wifi-daughterboard and motherboard. I’ve heard of some people, who opened their phone up and put it back together and then miraculously the phone worked again.

some iFixing may be fun indeed, but that’s not really what I’m gonna do…
…so it’s saying farewell to Fairphone soon – as a phone…
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

…even if the movement is real’ good
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

“It’s about the idea and not about the phone.”
– Miquel Ballester (product strategy Fairphone), in: The Utopia Gadget: “Fairphone is not a smartphone, but a social mission”, motherboard.vice.com 27 July 15

in original (de)

“Es geht um die Idee und nicht um das Telefon.”
– Miquel Ballester (Produktstrategie Fairphone), in: Das Utopie-Gadget: “Fairphone ist kein Smartphone, sondern eine soziale Mission”, motherboard.vice.com 27. Juli 15

– article (de): http://motherboard.vice.com/de/read/utopie-gadget-fairphone-das-ist-kein-smartphone-sondern-eine-soziale-mission-292
– Miquel Ballester: http://www.linkedin.com/in/miquelballester

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UPDATE – after a while of my FP’s WiFi limbo, my (for some more time, till I find a replacement:-) FP chooses to connect to some WiFis…
:frowning: :slight_smile: :frowning: :slight_smile: :frowning: :slight_smile:

UPDATE – after a while some more problems came up in addition to the wifi one, I have searched the web, and discovered the ‘bloated battery’ problem – which means getting a new battery (shop.fairphone.com, ifixit.com/store, eustore.ifixit.com or a replacement if you have a faulty one), recycle the old one – contacted the marvelous FP support people with all my FP troubles… am waiting whether the new battery solves the other problems :slight_smile: