Unsatisfied with FP3

When I open Play Store and go to Android Auto, it is updated on both phones.
On FairPhone Android Auto version is 6.6.612534
On S6 Android Auto version is 6.7.612934

No idea why it’s newer on the S6.



Maybe it has to do with the Android version itself!? Which version does your S6 have?

Maybe try the FP one in their store? Just an idea.

Okay, another edit: you can also try to download the latest version manually as an apk from a trusted webpage. I needed to do this as Android auto is not available in Sweden. But I am very sure that this will not fix your issue.

As far as I understand, with A10 you do not need the app its integrated

Or read through the help articles which refer to this app for A10


Thanks all for the help. I will go through the articles.
For me the most annoying issue is #2. I have contacted support about it. Hope they can give a solution. Otherwise I will put the phone in a drawer and buy a used one or buy a new battery for the old S6. Which I feel defeats the purpose of FP.

The main purpose of the Fairphone is the fair employment not the longevity of the phone, although that is touted as a sense of ‘caring’ for the environment

That is what I meant. By buying another phone or a battery I support the unfair employment.


Is that from an official statement of Fairphone?

No I am not a Fairphone employee, my comments are purely mine. I would tend to quote and put a reference to is i were using someone else’s statements.

Although Fairphone do tout the modular aspects as benign to the user and through that to the environment in general this does not reduce the overall consumer usage that I can measure, especially given the poor experiences people have spoken of on this forum. For example I note people have had to change the bottom module of the FP2 a number of times ~ need I refer?

Whereas the is a clear and present change the way the miners and manufacturers are treated ~ this is the Fair bit that I am investing in, not the phone.

There is no doubt fair is not fair enough, but it does highlight the inequalities amongst people, having a modular phone does little to relieve the major inequalities.

So it could just be a modular spade with a removal shaft made of wood, but who cut the tree and how were they paid, so I make my own, but not the phone.


We exist to give a voice to everyone who cares how their products are made.

A fairer phone

With every phone we make, we’re getting closer to a fairer and more sustainable electronics industry.

From responsible material sourcing to advocating for workers’ welfare, we share all our results freely and set new standards for the entire industry.

From the same article:

By creating a more sustainable smartphone, we’re demonstrating the endless possibilities for a fairer future – for everyone.

We care about designing longer-lasting products that are easier to repair.

Sorry, can’t agree with your statement, Fairness and Sustainibility are both key goals of Fairphone.

Why not? Phones that are kept for 5 years reduce consumption by not changing every 2 years, and the most environmental impact is the core-module (75% of the impact of the phone).

This forum is not representative. Yes, there are bad experiences, but you can’t get any data out of it.
The bottom module is a known design fault of the FP2, which doesn’t seem to exist in the FP3.


A lot of detail and interpretation of other people’s imaginations, mine is very clear. I imagine I can be fairer to others but don’t expect others to have my imaginations.

Totally agree with you, so disappointed with mine. I already told two friends not to purchase, and as a promoter of great Eco product and services the fairphone not hit the mark for me.

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Whereas I’m glad I bought the Fairphone, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone either, but I will buy again purely down to the fair labour. Someone has to pay, why shouldn’t it be us ‘rich’ westerners who wouldn’t go down the dark mines of Africa for all the tea in China.

Now we all know that you are a ‘rich’ person. Tell your opinion to poor people who have to put aside to buy a Fairphone one day. They deserve to have a working device, too, so there is not much difference to poor workers in China. In fact, it turns the other way round: Those who are equitably paid can live with the money given by the poor who get a faulty device in return. Where has the fairness gone?

Wow! Off topic a bit but I’m more concerned about my actions towards other than theirs to me. I don’t ‘need’ a phone but there are people who ‘need’ to be treated better by me and supporting Fairphone keeps the argument topical.

That’s the lowest gov pension in the UK by the way :slight_smile:

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I always read your comments about how other people ‘needed’ to be treated better, and that someone ‘had to pay’ for someone else, regardless what is received in return… Wouldn’t it be fair to say that everyone is justified to get a fair share? Good money for the workers to live a good life, and good value for those who give the money. That would be a fair deal for everybody, otherwise I could cite the Spice Girls:

If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give
Taking is too easy, but that’s the way it is

Yes it makes sense but there’s no good, there’s just wanna wanna wanna and taking is soooo easy, that’s not the way i wanna be.

How can anyone who lost his job and who has a very little budget due to the pandemic buy an every-day tool like the Fairphone for hundreds of Euros and get a device with so many issues in return? This is a mandatory tool that must work, instead you are arguing about higher income for Chinese workers. Why do Western people have to compensate that when they are poor, too? This is not about “wanna wanna”, it just is not easy for many people to “give give”, especially in these days…

You are joking I hope. I have made it clear, I am more concerned about how I treat people not much on how another treats me or a.n.other.

I thank myself privileged to be able to moan about a phone, and not whine about days down the mine ~ my days are fine, I’m not on the production line.

Bye . . . . . . .

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