Unroot Fairphone

Hey folks

I just bought me the fairphone and i think its quite a decent phone (and i love the initiative!), but…

… id love to use it at work. So basically, my private and my work phone combined, which, of course, the Fairphone is ideal for with its dualsim. But unfortunately i cant really use it because my company uses the Good App, which does not run on a rooted phone (or at least my company does not want to it to run). So… i cant really use my fairphone…

Now question Nr.1: is there a possibility to unroot (or how ever its called) the phone? and im talking really about unrooting and not about “hiding” the root or “your company should not dictdate you …” etc.

Question Nr. 2: Is there any plan to bring a non-rooted version on the market. Because i also bought me the phone to test it for my company (as i am the csr/sustainability guy). And like i said, great initiative, perfect for work/private use with its dualsim… i think a non-rooted version has quite a potential in the market, being pushed and sold as business phone.

many thanks in advance and cheerio


Hi Nico, check this thread:

sorry… forgot to mention: of course i checked all other theards before… (and did some google research) but non of them do really help. so my question is still unanswered…

but thanks anyway

nobody??? really??? and also no official help or answer on my email… disappointed!

Hi @Nico_Frey,

Sorry for the wait from customer support, they should be getting back to you shortly.

This is an issue where some corporate apps are not agreeable with a rooted phone, as you have experienced. I’m afraid to say there’s no outlook on an official fix. The best I could say is that it is something we are looking into for the next generation device. So thanks for your support, but it sounds like it’s best to wait for the next phone.

An unofficial way to unroot the Fairphone is provided in this thread.

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