Unreliable battery connectors / Battery moves slightly and disconnects

niveIn gave an interesting hint in the discussion about FP2 random reboots: He/She fixed the phone’s battery with a piece of paper.
I also got some - not too often - reboots with the two FP2s we have at home.
The last one happened just when I put down the phone on the table - very gentle. It rebooted instantly but showed a very unstable battery charge level afterwards, “shooting down” from about 60% to 19%, 2%, 1%. After pressing on the back of the phone it went up to 20% where it stayed constantly.
After playing around a bit I managed to reproduce the “scenery”.
The battery usage diagram both times showed a short blank space, the charging level was remarkably lower after the reboot:

To me it looks like the battery moved a little bit which led to short-circuiting something, an immediate switch-off (loosing the latest battery stats/charge-level-data) and draining a lot of energy from the battery.

I also fixed the battery with a little piece of paper so that it won’t move any more - and had no reboots any more.

Anyone else experiencing reboots with “drop-outs” in charge-levels?

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