Unofficial video support via community

Hey guys.
Us moderators just had a chat with the new community manager @Douwe. We used which is really cool. Just a second to late to discuss it with the others I had an idea to use this site as a way to for the community to provide and receive video support.
I’m not talking about official support by a fairphone employee or even a moderator, but anyone who can help can simply enter the chat room and talk to the people who do need help.

We can use the following link as a standard place to meet:

What do you guys think?
I’ll keep this as a suggestion in the meta category for now. If the idea gets general approval I’ll make it a pinned topic in the help category.


You already have my approval! :wink: Just one suggestion: Why not call the chat room If the link gets posted outside the forum, people will know at once what to expect. :slight_smile:

I take it that would be primarily video/audio chat, not text messaging? has a chat too. But are you thinking about something like IRC?

Sure we can change the url, but I don’t want it to sound like official support. maybe …/fairphonecommunityaid ?

Yeah that’s what I had in mind, but it can also be used as a simple text chat room for people who are not comfortable with video chats.

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Sounds like a great idea! We could also provide official help hours in a chat and then invite users to the video chat when useful.

I would volunteer to do community support now and then.


Very nice idea! :smile:
Although it doesn’t support Palemoon browser so I have to “downgrade” to Firefox to use it, but I’ll give it a try soon :smile:
Thank you!

EDIT: using Firefox I only see a black screen and nothing else but three icons in lower right corner… :open_mouth:

Lol, I got an “unsupported browser” message, using Iceweasel…
What about using instead ?

You see a black screen because there is no other user, who can be displayed.

Go to and you will see that it’s a XMPP service. I think you could use any other XMPP client.

What I don’t understand is: do I have to create an account on their XMPP service or the fact I’m on the page is sufficient for me to see other users?

You don’t need an account. If you want to videochat you just need to grant the site access to your mike and webcam

It didn’t ask me :open_mouth:
I saw only a black screen and 3 icons, nothing else…
Is someone there now so we can try to chat?


I’m online right now. I don’t see anyone else

Me too, now I see more icons and it asked me to share the microphone but in the contacts list I don’t see anyone else and writing something in the chat does nothing :frowning:

Are you at ?

Yes I am

Do you access it through your FP? Then maybe XPrivacy is blocking something. :wink:

Edit: that doesn’t really work on a small screen like the FP1’s.
Edit2: apparently there will be an open source Jitsi Android app:
It’s still in alpha.

Oh no, I’m on my laptop with Firefox, I simply denied access to the microphone because I’m at work :stuck_out_tongue:


Well at first I’d try with a more “normal” configuration :stuck_out_tongue:

We succeeded a sound/video meeting with Paul via
Jitsi does show me other people in the room using chromium, but cam nor mic are working there for me.

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In the mean time, as I’m an IRC user, I’ll be lurking to (and there’s already people in here ^_^).

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