[UNOFFICIAL] Stock ROM Android 4.4.2/4.4.4 Kitkat for FP1 & FP1U


I don’t have a miracast dongle, so I can’t tell.


I don’t have one, but what brand/model do you have exactly?

On which side do you think you have the problem? The phone side or the TV side? Can you “see” if the phone “accepts” it? Can the phone “find” the other screen/TV?

I think some people in the forum got something up & running.

If all else fails, there is still Chromecast made of course by Google …

Under 4.4.4 "Settings > Display > Cast screen" looks promising.

Anyway, before buying anything more I think it’s best to ask the support what really works with the phone and what does not. And please publish what they tell you here! Good luck!

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I was not able to pair a Polar H7 heart rate monitor. So not all BT LE devices seem to work.

Thanks for your answer.
I tried Samsung AllShare Cast and an integrated adapter.
The problem is on the Phone side, because before flashing the phone, (FPU-1) I have no problems.
Before I also tried EZ-Cast, netgear ptv2000, Samsung AllShare Cast, and several integrated dongles. No problems with allt these dongles.
My phone doesn’t see any dongle. I was activated the ScreenMirorring, but I can’t see any dongle.

So it worked before on the stock FP1 software? This is interesting to know. Maybe it’s a change in the Android version or missing software (bin blobs?). Sorry I cannot help you here, but maybe those hints (=worked before) could be useful for @chrmhoffmann.

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Thankyou very much @chrmhoffmann for this ROM.
I installed the 0.9.3 yesterday on my FP1 and am very happy with it. No problems encountered so far. I am especially happy that my Pebble Time now displays content of messages in stead of only a subject which occurs in 4.2. I was temped to ditch my Fairphone because of this but with this ROM i will use my phone a lot longer!


I have a question regarding the People app on 4.4.4: Can I assign groups to contacts?

On 4.2.2. this doesn’t work (I need to assign groups in Thunderbird and sync them). Somewhere I have read that this feature works on Kitkat.

Edit: As @DjDas points out below, it is possible to assign groups to locally stored contacts, but not to contacts connected with an account like DavDroid.

Well it worked for me on 4.2.2 but I tried only with contacts stored locally on the phone.
Before 4.4.4 I decided to use ownCloud with DAVDroid and now my contacts are handled in this way and it still works either assigning the group to a contact on the phone or by setting it on Thunderbird/ownCloud interface.
The only annoying thing with synchronized contacts is that at every sync I loose SIM card assignments and ringtones per contact, maybe I’ll give a look at DAVDroid code and will try to add these features…

EDIT: @Stefan maybe I was not much clear: it works ALSO with DAVDroid, the only thing I didn’t try is on 4.4.4 to configure groups for contacts stored using the Contacts system app (I use only DAVDroid to handle my contacts); sorry for not explaining very well! :slightly_smiling:

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But in the DavDroid app you can’t modify contacts. Could you try to change the group of a DavDroid-contact inside the people app?

Yes it works even if I create a totally new contact; please keep in mind DAVdroid is only used to synchronize contacts but editing and displaying is done always within the People app.
What I meant is I can choose “where” to store contacts in People app and since 4.4.4 I use the DAVDroid account not the People’s internal one.
By doing this I can modify groups as expected (although I didn’t try yet to create a new group to be honest, but using the existing ones I created on ownCloud works as expected)
Bye! :slightly_smiling:

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Ok thank you for trying! :slight_smile:

Could you also try out, if you can achieve other LED colours than green, red and blue?

Maybe you can try with LED colour tester, as I did here.

Can I send you one? I’m very happy with all the effort that you put into this, and the functioning of the BT LE seems to be one of the few issues left with this ROM.


Can you make an tutorial for dummies? :open_mouth::wink:

Question 1: how to flash the recovery img? (normally I would go to download mode and odin but that doesn’t work here)
Question 2: why if I don’t flash a new recovery but I launch “install from sdcard” (recovery mode) nothing happens?


This is the tutorial I use



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It worked!!! thanks to everybody and especialy to [quote=", topic:10788"]

I’ll check it out and be back for impressions and comments…

I unzipped the FP1 zip (FP1-Fairphone_OS_v1_8_7_OTA_2015081400) but I can’t seem to be able to continue further… what am I missing? Thanks

PS I’m on windows 7 by the way…

I assume that’s your problem right now :slightly_smiling: You can have a look at the software below, but not guarantee. Make sure you use “good” sources for windows binaries (beware of viruses, rootkits).

Untested & no guarantee


The main idea is to extract the FairphoneHome.apk from the old FP1 image. For this one converts the old FP1 image into an easy readable ext filesystem and installs the .apk from there.

Else: Why not try a Linux-Live-DVD/CD/USB Stick for fun?

Or you could try this flashable ZIP (pwd: ‘djdas’ without quotes) which I created and use to restore the launcher when I update the entire system :wink:
Please consider it works only with CWM recover because it is not signed.
Have fun :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks but all this sounds Chinese to me… But then again everything till now sounded Chinese but I managed… I’ll give it a try. Thanks again.

How about gravitybox for this version?

PS si far so good… Everything seems to work nicely.

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