Unlocking code from Fairphone not working as supposed

Hi to all,

I have requested an unlocking code for the FP4 5G
I typed in the code and was accepted by the phone but the the bootloader says: Device state - locked
It’s very confusing, and since I’m new to the process I cant figure out what’s goin on.
Can someone shine a light here pls.

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Have you done the unlocking via fastboot as well?
See the “Unlock your bootloader” section in Part 2 here:


Thanks man

fastboot not working
…waiting for device…

i use ./ADB reboot bootloader and the phone reboots into a bootloader then i used
./fastboot flashing unlock
< waiting for any device >

nothing else happens

I also tryed fastboot manually from the bootloader and tryed to boot in fasboot but nothing works

I haven’t done this with an FP4 myself, only an FP3. Maybe someone else here has more experience with the process. Can only suggest to check the prerequisites on your computer are all given as described in the article.


I did all of that.
I think I’m going ask the question directly to the Fairphone people, the code given to me it suppose to unlock the bootloader and didn’t thats my argument. I had enough of that thingie today

Thanks so much

There’s probably something wrong with your Fastboot driver on the PC.
Or you might try a different USB cable. Sometimes even a different USB port has helped.

A forum search like this may be helpful:

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Thanks man

Yes, all pointers to USB CABLE quality/ADB driver :thinking:
Cable bundled with FP4 a minor quality cable

I ordered a ‘‘better’’ data cable.

I’ll feedback

Have you enabled debugging via USB in the developers section? I had the same issue until I enabled it.