Unlocking bootloader online vs offline

Just one more idea - correct me if I’m wrong.
Online OEM unlocking is a feature of factory os of FP4?
Does it mean if I would flash any other os on FP4 - will unlocking other os require also online code from FP site? Anyone could confirm or deny this?

You don’t need to enter a unlock code if you want to toggle OEM unlocking on a custom ROM.
I myself can confirm this for CalyxOS and @Volker just confirmed it for /e/:


I tried it right now on iodé.
Yes, right. I don’t need a code to enable it


I’m not exactly sure what your idea is. But I’ve the impression that the idea is to flash a custom ROM and this way avoid online OEM unlocking of stock ROM. But this idea won’t work because to flash a custom ROM you’ll need an unlocked bootloader. And for unlocking the bootloader you’ve to enable OEM unlocking. So (online) OEM unlocking stock ROM will always be the first step of a new device (except you buy it with a custom ROM pre-installed).


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