Unlock pattern broken

starting yesterday my FP2 can not be unlock by the unlock pattern anymore.
no matter restarting the phone or trying to do it slow or fast, it just says wrong pattern after i reach the middle dot (3x3)

Any ideas what i could try? Preferably without deleting my data on the phone.

I am 100% sure that i have not forgot what my pattern was.

A few people reported that a part of their touchscreen wouldn’t respond anymore. If that’s your case, you could connect a mouse via USB OTG cable and unlock the phone with the mouse. I just tried it, it works fine.

Thank you for that advice. unfortunately i don’t have such a mouse, but I will see if i can find one.

indeed part of the touchscreen does not respond. but since I can feel the vibration when going over the points I assume the parts I touch still work.

You just need the cable. They are very cheap, 3€ or less. Then you can use any mouse. With cable or wireless.

I was able to unlock it with the mouse.
I can now backup my stuff. thank you.

But I’m still waiting for a return form so i can get it repaired because the sides of the screen dont work. I mailed them 1 or 2 weeks ago, but did not receive an answer yet.