Unlock after reset not possible (kind of loop)


  • FP3 (Android 10 ; build: 8901.3.A.0084.20210204)
  • Lawnchair 2.0-2589
  • 2 SIM (both secured with PIN)
  • Unlock schema required after screenlock (like short pushing the side button below the sound control)
  • No faceId or digitalId activated


  • Reseting the OS (long push on the side button + reset or sporadic reboot bug)


  • Lock the screen (quick push on the side button or wait for the autolock, like in the pocket)


  • Expected:
    The phone can be unlocked after typing SIM 1 PIN / SIM 2 PIN / Phone Schema

  • Found:
    The phone remains in a unlock PIN loop (of Sim Card 1). If the code is wrong I got the proper notification but with a correct PIN I remain on the SIM 1 unlock screen

==> Important is the Lockscreen action, as if it implies that in the background the Unlock-Flow is frozen because it can not go further

Hi @Loots

Is this problem still unsolved?

It may be a problem with one or other of the SIMs. Turn off the phone and remove one of them, and then boot up. Then do the same with the other. If this doesn’t help, try the SIMs in a different phone to check their state, or have them checked in the phone operator’s store.

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