Unknown caller over Wi-fi calling, FP3/Android 10


I have a FP3 running 8901.3.A.0135.20211222, Android 10 with the security update from Jan 5 2022 according to the System → Advanced → System update view.

Every call I receive over Wi-fi shows up as Unknown and has no phone number, even calls from people in my contacts.

Since network reception is poor where we live WiFi calling is super useful. However at some point last year the phone number is lost for every call.

Is anything being done to fix this bug or is there any official advice that doesn’t involve disabling WiFi calling?


Hi and welcome to the forum

I don’t have your problem, so not a generalised problem.

Maybe it’s network/carrier related. I use wifi exclusively on EE in the UK and not a single problem.

Thanks for the reply amoun, I’m on the O2 network.

There are others reporting something similar in this thread Bug: Android 10 FP3 - Unknown Caller - #144 by amoun

Hi I have O2 but no WiFi calling enablement due to it being a backup PAYG so can’t, as yet, test O2 UK

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