Unity Coding platform FP3 / Passaggi

Does anyone know if the Fairphone 3 or 3+ is compatible with apps developed through the Unity Coding Platform? More specifically, an app called Passaggi, by Septenary Editions. It doesn’t work on my FP2.

Could someone with an FP3(+) please check the compatibility information in the Play Store? Since I no longer have a Fairphone, I cannot do that myself.

From their website:

The only handset we tested on which Passaggi will not run is the Fairphone. This is because Fairphone do not support Unity, the coding platform on which Passaggi was written.

I guess (or rather speculate) that this relates to the FP2. I cannot see why Unity apps should not work on a pretty much unmodified Android. I think the real issue here is that Septenary are rather music enthusiasts than mobile devs. The app has not been updated since its initial release a year ago, and it only counts 100+ installs. Even if you really would like to use it, I would not recommend chosing a new handset based on the availability of such an obscure app.

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Thank you for the answer.

Unfortunately I happen to be a professional musician whose practice would be much more effective with this app, so it is really a pity that it is not compatible with the Fairphone.

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Even the FP2 (and FP1 too!) is marked as compatible there, so that won’t help. I don’t have a FP3 yet, so I cannot realy check that. But maybe tomorrow :wink:.

When I search for Passaggi on my FP3 I find a paid app by Septenary Editions. So at least there is no incompatibility that the Play Store would already check. But of course I can’t say if it actually works fine.

Edit: on https://unity.com/de/solutions/mobile I found “Jurassic World Alive” as an example for another Unity app which is free to play. I was able to install and run this game.

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I am actually pretty optimistic that Passaggi works on an FP3. I just cannot verify it myself.

Thank you, Ingo.
The problem is that the app can indeed be downloaded and installed without problems on the FP2, but as soon as you open it it shows a pink screen and error message…

That would have been an interesting information at the beginning :wink:.
What error message appears?
If the developer sponsors a test account, I guess someone would agree to give it a try on a FP3. But paying 17€ just for a test is to expensive, at least in my opinion.

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If you have a FP 3(+), could you install the app with this code on Google Play and see if it works?
Thank you in advance.

Maybe someone else already tried it but I got a “code expired” right now.

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