Unit no longer compatible with some apps after hard reset

Just performed a hard reset on my FP1 and am now downloading apps again. On some of the apps, like Snapchat, it says that my unit is no longer compatible with this version. And I can’t find an older version to download. What do I do? Some of the apps I really need, some I just want.

This is weird. Snapchat works on “Android 4.1 or higher” (Google Play).

You could try out older versions from Apkmirror, though it seems there is something else wrong with your operating system. Can you confirm that you are using the latest OS version (Kola Nut 1.8.7)?

Yes, after the hard reset it was automatically updated to Koala Nut 1.8.7. I found an older version of snapchat that works, but other apps, like a Norwegian money transfer app that we commonly use here don’t have an older version available.

The update for Android 4.4.4 is on it’s way:

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