Unified storage: cannot find where my phone saves photos now

I recently updated to unified storage; after this, I cannot find any of the new photos I’ve taken when I connect the phone to my computer - they’re not in the DCIM folder nor anywhere else (searched a specific photo by the filename). Where on earth is my phone saving these photos to then? It is far too bothersome to have to upload them to imgur or someplace from my phone, to then download them to my computer for backup.

Do you use the Fairphone’s pre-installed “Camera” app? Or a different one?

I use the pre-installed one.

What connection type have you chosen? MTP?

Had to google this, apparently I use USB mass storage (never knew there were other options).

You might be able to choose MTP in the drag-down menu on your FP1 when you connect it to the computer. Worth a try :slight_smile:

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Ok, I’ll try that, thanks!

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