Unicode sign for "fair"

I want to pimp my signature for mails like

Diese Nachricht wurde von meinem :recycle:Fairphone​:recycle: gesendet.

anyone knows a unicode sign for “fair” or “fair trade”?

I don’t think there is, but e.g. Thunderbird allows you to make a HTML-formatted signature, so you could embed the Fairtrade Logo from Wikipedia (here).

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Maybe this helps? Just found it with a quick seach so I let us know how it goes if you try it.

thank you for your hint - i think in indo-european surrounding a pair of scales is more a symbol for “justice” - even if “balance” is a nice interpretation for fair behavior.
binary coded html/pictures only work when user activates it - since virus influenced images I wouldn’t do so… unicode sign for fair or lasting/sustainable should be a goal for this century :wink:

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I know it’s not the exact thing, but maybe :globe_with_meridians: can stand in instead. :peace: might be too general (however, when you think of “conflict minerals” …).

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there are three more specific (and perhaps eye catching) ones: :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia: showing diffenrent parts of the earth - I agree to think of mineral conflicts but thats not all for fairphones aims so after all it would get a long signature.


“Fair” is a rather broad and subjective term, so I suggest to be more specific (e.g. fair trade is already more specific).

That “Fairtrade Logo”
looks very similar to the International Fairtrade Certification Mark,
Fairtrade Certification Mark
which according to Wikipedia is

owned and protected by Fairtrade International (FLO) […].

You probably shouldn’t use either when you’re not certified by them. (Except in situations where “fair use” applies, such as is probably the case when writing about the logos or about FLO. Thus use in a forum message like this one is probably OK.)

as mentioned above images are not suitable (netiquette, security…)
I was searching for a unicode-sign but still there isn’t one exactly representing the spirit of fp…

First: duh, of course it is, I took it from the Fairtrade Wikipedia page.
And second: Why wouldn’t I be allowed to use it? The Fairphone has Fairtrade certified gold in it, they also use it on their website. I don’t see a problem if one uses it in connection with FP since they have a certification from them.

You just have to take care, that you don’t make it look, like the whole phone is “FairTrade”. To my knowledge neither the Fairphone 1 nor the 2 or 3 have been FairTrade-certified. It’s “just the gold”.
To my knowledge, the FairTrade Organisation is serious about using the label.
They offer various possibilities to report misuse:

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