Understanding OS's

Hi, looking at a list of o.s. that can be used on FP2, I notice that Fairphone OS and Fairphone Open OS are both Marshmallow…
So what do the 2 o.s. do that differ, and what advantages are there to using an alternative to the o.s. that my FP2 was shipped to me with?


They are basically the same OS but Fairphone OS includes Google Play services and Fairphone Open does not.
So Fairphone open contains only free and open-source software.

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  • Fairphone OS comes with Google Apps installed
    • Advantage: Everything most people use on their phone will work without effort.
    • Disadvantage: Your data is being mined by a big evil company.
  • Open OS comes without Google and only FLOSS apps.
    • Advantage: More freedom, less exploitation.
    • Disadvantage: You can get almost all apps you might want to use to work, but some might take a little work.
  • Lineage OS is similar to Open OS only it is Android 7.
    • Advantage: Higher upgrade level means you can be sure that you’ll get security fixes for a while. +Some additional functions.
    • Disadvantage: In a very rare scenario when you run into a very odd issue FP support may not be able to help you because LOS is not officially supported by FP.
  • Ubuntu and Sailfish are two non-Android alternatives
    • Advantage: (Almost) no Android means (almost) no Google.
    • Disadvantage: Getting Android apps to work is [I don’t know the current status, but it’s probably either not easy or not free].

Technically, even Fairphone Open contains some unfree closed source components (drivers). Personally I still think it’s an ok compromise.


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