Understanding alternative OS's

So, I asked in the Aurora Store Telegram chat to see if I misremembered. The answer is apparently: it depends.

If the app uses Google’s license verification system, it won’t work. But if they don’t what you say is correct.

So, some paid apps will work, some won’t.

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I only noticed this today – a collection of banking app experiences with /e/:


Hello. I am using /e/ for about two month now on my fairphone 3+. I tried out all my apps I use on my previous phone on googled android.
Working fine
banking with my Banca Etica app and also the Symantec VIP app needed to authenticate.
PayPal fully working
Not (yet) working: mycicero which starts and shows only a black screen
Not working at all nexipay services which refuses to start on a custom ROM

Beside the appstore which /e/ created I use f-droid and aurora store.

As cloud I used initially the /e/ cloud which I saw that is was an adapted nextcloud. Now I use my own next cloud for syncing foto, passwordmanager, filemanager and next cloud notes. And office inside. Everything fine and fully controlled by myself.


I continued a bit my research and one thing confused me.
It seems to me that /e/ receives a lot of negative feedback, however I have trouble finding an elaborate evaluation/ critique of the OS. I found a lot of negative comments but never a real argumentation.
Could anybody here give an objective perspective on the negative reviews of /e/ and /e/ itself and if this criticism is legit or not?

Well, it is hard to respond to this without knowing what specific critique you mean, but I have one critique with argumentation myself: NHS Covid app not working - #22 by TheLastProject

I’ve used /e/ for quite some months until recently switching to Lineage and am still active in the /e/ community so if you name anything specific I may know :slight_smile:


Exactly this is my problem. I find bits and pieces like for example your problem regarding the NHS Covid app. If those things are simply bugs or honest mistakes it is a different story then if the philosophy and strategy of the foundation is the problem.
I often find the foundation being criticized for the use of closed libraries or comparing the foundation with google but I dont have the background knowledge to validate this.

Well, I can’t read their mind so I can’t tell if silently deactivating COVID apps for the second time was another honest mistake (although I would hope they would try to prevent making the same mistake twice!) or not.

For closed libraries, I think you mean Magic Earth, the included (proprietary) GPS app in /e/OS. Well, included until recently, IIRC they removed it. They genuinely seemed to believe the developers may Open Source the app at some point in the future though, from what I can tell. Otherwise /e/OS doesn’t use anything proprietary (aside from drivers, but that is just required to make Android run on phones)


Be aware that the updates of LOS4microG for FP3have com very infrequently during the last months up to a point where I was not sure whether they removed FP3 from the list of supported devices

Let me try and say it like this:
I don’t want to go through the trouble of minimizing my google dependence just to end up supporting a foundation or project that is as bad as google or worse. Even though I am aware of the privacy threats due to having a phone in general I am not familiar with the world of open source ROM. I know that I am not going to find a 100% solution and that I will have to make compromise.
So maybe my question should be: Is /e/ known for breaking the etiquette and rules of the open source community or can it be assumed that the their goals are in-line with our demand for privacy?
I hope that I am expressing correctly :sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Just thinking !! I don’t have a google account, I don’t use their search engine, but no doubt some websites I visit, like this one, use google tag feedbacks. I have degoogled what I can I also have cookies etc disabled on my browser.

I’ve never had an advert or a problem with google ~ ever.

Intrusive and maybe a bit unpleasant but humans can’t actually be good, just a little less demanding maybe.

Not working banking apps dont work because of failing safetynet, because apps see you use unlocked bootloader or they see you are using Magisk. All of this problems Magisk can fix. It is a seriously much used application for this.

Aurora store works with visiting google play store and download from there. Most people use a anonymous account, thats a pre setup account which more people use at the same time and if you want to use paid apps you sign in on own account and make purchases on the gplay site

/e/ is a good one and is a bit more focused on performance. They arent known for breaking rules. Pretty brave. But about breaking rules in the foss community is a spicy subject. I have the idea that really much roms are angry against each other

I think I agree with deactivating the covid feature. People who use it are still using it and people who dont arent tracked. And the covid app makers have received the question to edit it

Please read properly. /e/ silently deactivated it for everyone who chose to enable it.

@TheLastProject Which version of LOS do you use? The one with microG provided or did you install it yourself?

If the latter, did you just install via F-Droid, also does it update that way?

Planning a move away from /e/ shortly and I’ve not managed to find out how it’s done.

I’m running https://lineage.microg.org/, so yeah, the version with microG pre-installed. microG does update through F-Droid when there are updates (which isn’t that often)


magic, thank you very much!

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I don’t have the feeling that Magisk can solve all issues related to banking apps, do you?
From my own experience: I have a belgian banking app (keytrade) that is:

  • working with Magisk (*) for an old version (5.0.9)
  • refusing to launch and displaying a message “not working on rooted/modified device” for the more recent versions (tested with 5.2.5)

So I’m keeping the old one but I’m not happy with this issue…

(*) using Magisk 23.0 with MagiskHide and randomized app name :slight_smile:

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I have here a pretty nice banking app which dont require any fixes, but if a banking app is crying can enabling magisk safetyney fix it mostly with magisk hide at the same time. If the case appear that that isnt enough sometimes you can need external apps indeed. But I thought we were talking about using a custom rom and if apps will work? Because in that case just dont root