Unable to reply to a person's post in a normal thread

And yes, I AM really pressing on the “reply to” button, not on the blue “reply” button at the end of the thread. And when I’m entering text, on the upper left corner it also shows the person to whom I’m replying to, but after sending, it’s just a ordinary new post in the thread instead of a answer post :confused:

Confirmed. I recognized that it might be necessary to click the area of the post somebody wants to reply to before the reply button for that post is to be clicked.

Bla Bla Reply Test

Bla bla Reply Test © @Stanzi

So, we can confirm that this affects more users than only me and is reproducible.
The question now is:

This is new.
@leomakkinje updated Discourse two days ago because of the notifications issue. Maybe it has to do with that.

PS: Or not. I’m not affected. Did you guys reply to the latest posts in the thread in your tests?

I have this issue since several months :confused:

Try replying to an earlier post.

Bla Bla Test No. 2


See, that works. And it’s intended like that.

PS: It’s always been like that. The “reply to indicator” (or whatever it is called) only realy makes sense if you didn’t reply to the very post before yours.

PS: What would be interesting though is whether replying to the previous post increases the “most replied to” statistic:


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