Unable to remove camera on Lockscreen

Hello folks

Often, when I do not lock the Fairphone, put it in my pocket and get it back after few minutes I see that the camera app is running. This because I have a camera widget on the lockscreen. No idea how it got there and I want to remove how. How??

I am able to add/remove other widgets, but not the camera app. Each time I try to long-press on it, the camera app starts. But I want to remove it.

Any clues??

It’s not removable as far as I know.
I’m using Open Camera and I don’t know if it’s the same with the default camera but if I lock the screen while I’m in the Open Camera app the next time I click the power button the lockscreen is skipped and I’m right back in the camera app. This is very helpful when I’m a tourist and take a lot of photos but sometimes it’s annoying. You’ll just have to hit the home button before you lock the screen as a workaround.

Not removable? That’s a nasty bug then. Is Fairphone aware of that? Bug report?

Re: Open Camera, did you replace the native Camera app with Open Camera??

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
I didn’t uninstall the native camera app but still the lockscreen widget works with open camera too.

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The camera app is a fixed widget and always appears to the right most lockscreen. This is not a bug, it is how it has been designed to allow easy access to the camera without unlocking your phone. Long pressing will simply try to open the app because it is fixed on the lockscreen

It is not the default lockscreen though, so you should have no cause for alarm. Just add the lockscreen widget you want and it will appear when you get to the lockscreen in future.

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This is a ‘feature’ introduced in android 4.2 by google. The FP1 is working as intended by the android developers. In fact, if it didn’t behave that way, that would technically be a bug.
In terms of ‘fixing’ it: apparently there’s an app for that (as ever - and I don’t guarantee it actually works as I haven’t tried yet), but be be sure to read the caveats described on the play store page. Notably, you’ll probably want to remove this before installing any updates to a new android version (if one is ever released for FP1). The back story and a link to the app can be found on this addictive tips page.

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@paulakreuzer Is Open Camera better than the native camera app?

I see @Chris_R but the problem is that this camera widget on the right most lockscreen is sometimes opened accidentally in my pocket and doing random photos! Because this is possible when you swipe the clock on the lockscreen and glide to the right, to the camera widget. These random swipes and glides can occur when you move a lot around and have other items in your pocket.

That’s why I want to disable or remove it from the lockscreen so badly.

Maybe moving around with different items in your pocket causes static which is afaik the nr 1 cause of ghost touches.
So a workaround would be to put the FP in a fabric cover.

I like it better but it doesn’t prevent you from pocket photos either.

@paulakreuzer Thanks, I can relate to what you were saying but I’m sorry, this is a Fairphone Design Issue and shouldn’t happen. I bet others have similar issues. One cannot expect me to put the FP in a fabric cover. That would be poor usability.

Like I mentioned earlier, there must be a solution for that to remove it from the lockscreen.

Did you try Lockscreen Policy as @Johannes suggested?

How do you place your phone in your pocket? Power button up or down? If you place it power button down, try it power button up. You must be accidentally pressing the power button in your pocket in the first place to activate the phone to the lock screen.

Sorry if these sound like simple things we are suggesting, but unfortunately there is not much more you can do other than trying apps to remove it. I have found you this article but can’t vouch for the authenticity of the app suggested. It’s the same lockscreen policy app as that has already been suggested and is worth a read

You wouldn’t be the first person reporting this on an android phone (this was introduced in 4.2) or indeed on at least some iphones. What this isn’t is a design flaw of the Fairphone.

Ah, wonderful, that Lockscreen Policy App worked very well for me. Thanks for the link. All good then, case closed. And thanks everyone for helping.

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