Unable to read JPG from windows 10

Hello All
I bought my Fairphone 3 some weeks ago.
I’m encountering the following issue
The pictures can not be read on W10 PC in a folder where I copy it in or in the DCIM folder on my phone.
I used MS-photo and FastStoneimage viewer.
Have an idea ?

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Maybe you are copying/trying to view something that is called the “thumbnail” version of a photo only. This would typically be a very small file that only serves to give a tiny preview of a picture in a folder full of pictures.

What does that mean exactly?
Is there an error message?
Can you post a screenshot of the folder with the files in it (phone and PC)?

Did you set your USB setting to “File Transfer” or “PTP”? On my PC, I cannot double-click to open JPEGs or PNG screenshots right from the FP3. I can see previews in “Your Smartphone” though, copy any image from DCIM to my desktop and double click there or import the photos on the phone with the Photos app.

My problem is solved. Many thanks.

It was the first time I had to download pictures from a smartphone.

Thak you.

Problemis solved.

The tutorial on the FP site doesn’t mention that the download is possible only in the File Explorer that is opened upon connection to FP3

Using a by user opened File Explorer doesn’t allow the download or downloads 0 bytes and it was my case.

This shouldn’t be the case actually. Are you sure you enabled the data transfer modeon your phone? It really shouldn’t matter what window you use.

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