Unable to open download on my FP2

Hi all, my wife has bought a music download and can open and listen to it on our PC or laptop but whenever we try to open it on our FP2s we get the Fairphone Updater page come up saying we need to Restart - press the restart button or cancel. When we press Restart nothing happens and so we can’t open the music download on our FP2s which is very frustrating. Is there anyone out there who can help, please.

My guess is that your download was/is a ZIP file (file name with suffix “.zip” at its end) which is a compressed file (in order to reduce overall size of the download and make the transfer easier and quicker). If that is the case, make sure to extract the ZIP file on your computer and transfer what you get after the extraction to your FP2.


O.K. Urs, I’ll give that a try. Thanks for your speedy reply. Neil

It was a zip file and extracting it first worked - thanks.


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