Unable to make calls

Hi there. Third bigger Problem with my FP2. Starts to annoy me. Since a couple oft weeks I am unable to make vor take calls. If i make calls I can hear the other person but he vor she can’t hear me. If somebody calls me it is exactly the other way round. Sometimes it miracoulously works. And it sometimes also works when I use the speaker, but everybody hearing in my surrounding what I talk on the phone isn’t an appropriate solution at all.
Anybody with the same problem?

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Hi there.
I have a similar problem with my fp2. Since today I can´t make calls or receive calls. I can´t hear the caller, but he can hear me. The same, when I make a call: I can´t hear anything but he can hear me.
I already checked the video app: sound & speakers are perfect running.
I disconnected SIM card and restarted the fp several times.
My SIM Card is running, because I can send sms & use telegram/whatsapp perfectly.

Please help us! I need the phone!

Thanks & greets.

Please unscrew and take out the top (@hierdaheimdoro) or bottom (@Babsini) module, clean the connectors, re-install the module and look if it works.

If it does not work, write to support. You will probably receive a new module from Fairphone then.

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Thank you! Your tip was perfect & its now working again!
Thanx & Merci!

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