Unable to install application since Fairphone is not play protect certified

I tried to install Netflix application on my FP2, but could not locate it on play store: apparently, this is because FP2 is not play store certified (confirmed in play store parameters, telling device is not certified for play store): can anybody confirm this ? How can I solve the problem ?
According to Netflix FAQ, this is the main reason for not finding the application on play store.
Also, when I try to install the application from a link given in Netflix website, the link leads to play store application … but a red line tells that application can not be installed (“your device is not compatible with this version”),
Thanks for any help,

What OS are you running? Netflix uses DRM, and most DRM apps won’t install and/or run if you have root access.


As a workaround install Aurora Store (alternative Play Store interface) from F-Droid. Simply use it’s anonymous access option, find netflix and install it …


I can confirm that Netflix is in the Play Store on the normal Fairphone OS (Android 7.1.2, FP OS 19.11.2).


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