Unable to edit draft email with E-mail app

My FP2 is configured with a IMAP email account using E-mail app.
My PC is configured with this same IMAP email account using Thunderbird.
Receiving and sending emails works fine on FP2 & PC (with 2 distinct folders for emails sent, but both readable on FP2 & PC). :smile:

I’d like to prepare a long email on my PC with Thunderbird, but send it later with my FP2 (after checking something while moving from my house):

  1. On my PC, I write my draft email with Thunderbird and save it
  2. On my FP2, I check for Drafts folder with E-mail, and found my new draft email
  3. On my FP2, I click on this new draft email --> the email opens itself, but no edit button is available, so I found no way to edit this draft email, and found no way to send this draft email.

Is there a way to solve this issue? :frowning2:

An “Edit as new Message” option would also be welcome (here as workaround, and in others situations). :+1:

Maybe you can check if it works with a different email app, e.g. K9 mail?

K9 mail works very fine and allows me to edit draft emails via “send again” function.
:smile: Many thanks to you BeMiGro ! :smile:


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