Unable to download files from webmail

Hi. I bought a fairphone 4 some weeks ago. Every time I want to download an attachment (pdf, docx, xlsx) from my webmail, I get an error message (échec de téléchargement). Can anyone help me, please ?

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Have you tried with a different browser?


Thanks! I installed Firefox and now it works fine. Just out of curiosity: how can it be?


Sorry, can’t say. Just I’ve had sometimes the same experience with browsers… :man_shrugging:

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You haven’t indicated which browser you were using, nor which webmail site you’re using, so replies are going to be “generalist” …

Webmail sites tend to leave a lot of junk in the cache which can end up interfering with functionality and performance.

With problems like this I usually advise to clear the cache, or, better in many ways, always open the webmail in a new private browsing window. This will give you a clean slate every time.

Changing to another browser would temporarily have the same effect of course, but not necessarily for more than one session.

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Thank you for your explanation. I was using duckduckgo as a browser. By the way, I tried to clear the cache in duckduckgo, but if I got it right there is no cache. I’ll stick to other browsers, then.

Oh and I forgot: it was the Outlook webmail, but I had the same issue with Yahoo

Well my use of webmail is limited, I prefer apps like FairEmail for the phone or Tbird for the PC, but for browser I use Firefox mostly and generally start a new webmail session in a new private browsing window. Never have any problems (famous last words!!!)

One of the advantages of using a new private browsing window for any sites that you don’t need to keep cookies for, is that you can happily accept all the cookies they want to set, they’ll all get thrown out of the window (so to speak) as soon as you close it :smiley:
Saves a lot of time and bother.


I’ve never looked at it. Quite likely, that would be their approach I’m sure, though there must be a temporary cache of some sort otherwise lots of sites just wouldn’t work.

Great, thank you so much

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Well, that’s maybe just a problem with the DuckDuckGo app itself, if it works fine in all other browsers.

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