Unable to delete some messages in my email inbox

Hi everybody, I have some emails in my email inbox which are not deletable. Every time I delete them, they come back as soon I get to my inbox again. Even moving them into folders or blocking the sender will not help. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help,

Need input …
What does it say at Settings - About phone - Build number?
What e-mail App do you use, the built-in one or did you install an extra one?
What e-mail provider do you use?
How is your account set up, IMAP or POP3?

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Hi AnotherElk, the number is 1FP21FPHN03-02A
I use the built in Mailapp
My provider is hotmail
and I it is IMAP, not POP
I’m really thankful if you have any suggestions for me.

You could sign in to your account via the web and try to delete those e-mails there to see whether they stay deleted that way.

Is that really the Build number? Back in the good old days that looked different and included the type and version of the OS, that’s why I asked. So we fall back to interviewing :slight_smile:

Do you use Fairphone OS (with preinstalled Google Apps) or Fairphone Open OS (without preinstalled Google Apps)?
That’s important because you use the built-in App, and Fairphone OS uses Google Mail and Fairphone Open OS uses stock Android Mail, so that’s a difference.

Did you update the OS to the current version (17.10.2 as of now)?

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I’m sorry, I’m not so much into all this technic stuff. I found the correct nr now:
FP2-gms-17.04.8 release-keys
I use the Fairphone OS
I do not know, if I updated to the current version. Could you tell me, where I find this information on my phone?
I’m so sorry for being such not-knowing so much and again, thank you for your help

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No need to be sorry. Nobody knows everything.
Did deleting the mails via web help?

That helps.
The “gms” part means it is Fairphone OS (with Google Mobile Services) and 17.04.8 is the version, and it is old, the current version would be 17.10.2.
I don’t know whether that would affect the mail App, but updating also is important for all the security fixes it brings to keep the phone as safe as possible.

There should be an App named “Updater”.
If you start it, it should guide you through the process.

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Hi, Problem solved: I jut deleted the mail app from the phone and put it back on. Mails are gone :blush:


The thing is: those Mails are only visible on the fairphone. On my MacBook they were gone after deleting them for the first time.

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